You must submit the following documents for each visa applicant on your appointment date:

  1. Your Passport(s) and copy of passport(s) – adults and children (the originals and a legible photocopy of every passport that will be submitted to our office);
  2. Your personal vaccination card(s) and copy of it (the original and a legible photocopy for each card to be submitted to our office);
  3. Your immigrant visa interview appointment letter (or if you do not have one, you must provide your immigrant visa case number, e.g.: TIA201966600011, or 2019EU00012345). Failure to do so, will result in not being able to complete your medical examination;
  4. This medical examination appointment letter;
  5. Six (6) 3×4 cm photographs for each person, taken in full-face view directly facing the camera, (taken within the last six months);
  6. Medical reports, blood tests, etc. Tell the panel physician all illnesses you have and your current medication, and hospital epicrisis of any surgery you may have had.
  7. If you wear glasses, you should bring the visit of eye specialist showing diagnosis and visual acuity (visus) with correction and without correction.
  8. Further examinations may be required in your case. Please follow panel physician’s guidance.
  9. Each visa applicant must show up on the scheduled appointment date.

Failure to submit all above documents may result in delays. These documents do not need to be translated or notarized.

Gonorrhea testing: The applicants of the age 18 – 24 should not urinate after 7:00 am of the day of the medical appointment. Your urine will be collected for gonorrhea testing. Failure to this may result in repeating the test another day.

Please note that on your medical examination day both you and your family members will need to spend the entire day undergoing various medical examinations at panel physician’s office and the Tirana Panel Clinic.